New Customers

To register, please view our class schedule organized by each day of the week below

Steps to Register:

 1. Click on the link below titled "New Customer Registration".

2. Fill out the information requested (fields with asterisks are required.) From there you will also be able to choose classes and add additional students.

3. Enter a credit or debit card **please note no charges will be made on your account without approval** (this is not required, we do accept check and cash payment, however, this is completely safe, and makes the process very simple for all future accounting needs). If you choose not to enter anything, please simply hit submit and your registration will go through. 

4. In the event that a class is full or you are unable to register due to the students age, please register your child in an alternate class and email the office directly ( with your your first choice and we will do our best to accommodate the necessary changes.  

Ready to Try, but not to commit...

If you are not ready to pick a class, but you would like to try one, simply click the below "NEW CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM" link below, fill out accordingly, and you will be all set if and when you are ready to make your class decision.

Existing Customers

If you participated in last our dance program within the last calendar year, (regardless of active or have dropped),you will log into the customer portal below to register for your classes.

The Portal will also give you access to emails, billing, statements, new and information, and all account related details.

Customer Portal Link

Also located in the above tool bar.

How To us The Customer Portal

For your convenience Art In Motion offers our dance families an online account management software system. Families are able to log in to their account to view and print their schedule, track their absences and makeups, update credit card or bank account information, and more! Here is a video tutorial on using the online portal!

Spring Semester Schedule 2020



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Virtual Class Schedule