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Quick FAQ's

Sessions and Charges
We offer two, 20-week sessions (FALL: Sept- Jan) and (SPRING: Feb-June) as well as 6-week summer session. Our tuition is based on a semester rate and then broken down by the length of each class. We offer on-going registration and will pro-rate you from the time you start, this way your dancer can do more that one activity at a time!

FREE Trial Classes
We offer free trial classes to ANY incoming student. It is our belief that sometimes you have to take a few small bites to see if you really like it, and with that we have no limitations on the amount of trial classes. We encourage the little one’s to try 2-3 times before you even consider making the decision. For our older dancers, we encourage them to try a variety of techniques to see what they like best. We do not charge you from the time you try, you will be pro-rated to the time you enroll!

Class Cancellation
AIM reserves the right to combine classes, change times, provide substitute teachers and/or replacement teachers or cancel or combine any class. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment – if this happens, email notifications will be sent, and we will work with your family to try and find an alternative class.

Absences & Make-Up Classes
We ask that if you child was out of school, seems under the weather, or is just needing a day off, PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO DANCE!  We understand how hard you all work, and how much money you spend on classes, and with that we offer an OPEN MAKE-UP policy! If your dancer is absent for whatever reason, they may make up their class(es) at ANY TIME as long as your dancer is registered in the semester. There is no need to call ahead, simply check out our schedule and come to ANY age appropriate class that works for your dancer. This is a great opportunity to try a new technique! We are a small business with a small staff, if one of us goes down we all do, and then have to close the studio- WE DO NOT WANT TO CLOSE THE STUDIO, so please keep your sick one’s home!

Before and After Class
We ask all parents of our Young Dancers Program please have their child(ren) use the restroom prior to class. This tends to be an epidemic when it happens during the class. We also ask that all sand, rocks, dirt, and the like be removed from their street shoes prior to entering the studio!
As much as we love your children, we are not a daycare or babysitting service. When one class ends, another starts and unfortunately do not have the manpower to watch your children to the best of our abilities when another class has started. We do understand things happen- traffic is the worst! We ask that you please call the office and let us know if you will be late, and we will have your child sit in on the class following theirs. IF this becomes a problem, we will have no choice but to charge you for the time the student is in our care. We will not allow the students to wait outside, walk home or to a location, or to go with another parent without written permission from the child’s parent.

Parent Observation
We have specified parent observation days on our calendar, but ALWAYS have an open-door policy. They are your children, and your comfort as much as theirs is what is most important. We ask that if you are to observe that you encourage your dancer to participate, NOT have your dancer pose for pictures, and NOT take video that other children in the class can be viewed in. And just a note- they NEVER behave the way you think they should when you are in the room, but I promise you, they are taking it all in and doing much better listening than they display with you there!

In-Class Celebrations
A few times a year we will have a celebration within the dance classes. The students are allowed to bring a friend, bring a snack to share with their class, and sometimes dress in costume. If you would prefer your child to not be involved in certain classes due to your religious beliefs please email us at and let us know! ALSO, please let us know if your child OR their guest has a food allergy. We ask that you bring a “safe” snack for them, and we will mark their plates for awareness as well. Depending on the celebration, we may have a special holiday themed event with games, music and food to celebrate. Please let us know if any of this is a problem for your dancer.

We ask our parents to help keep the school clean and safe for our students. Please throw trash and personal belongings away when leaving the school. If you see anything that needs our attention, please do not hesitate to let us know.