What We Offer


Young Dancers Program

Dance provides an outlet for children to be creative, physical and musical, and here are Art In Motion, we offer a comprehensive children’s dance program for ages 2-6 years old. Our fun, nurturing, family-oriented children’s dance program helps  instill creativity, confidence, coordination, and poise.  The  young dancers will be taught the fundamentals ballet, tap and jazz giving them the proper steps for growth all while exploring their movement through imagination and music! The Young Dancer Program classes consist of an hour long combination that begins with ballet, moves into jazz, and finishes with tap. The dancers will leave this program with an incredible amount of dance skill and knowledge making their next steps in dance an easy transition.

Studio Program

​The STUDIO PROGRAM at Art In Motion is our recreational dance program offering top-notch training in all dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern dance. Our goal is to instill a love, passion, and appreciation of dance all the while teaching essential life skills needed for each child’s future success. This program is divided into Level I and Level II classes that will piggy back on the growth and development where our Young Dancers Program left off. Classes at this level are curriculum-based classes geared toward strengthening the dancer’s technique and developing artistic skills. Students become familiar with correct structural and muscular placement, and learn the vocabulary specific to the discipline. Students begin a concentrated focus in the disciplines of their choice: ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, Horton-based modern, and contemporary ballet. There are no prerequisite classes or minimum class requirements; however, students are placed according to both age and ability. Students are encouraged to take more than one type of class, but for those who are still in the "figuring out" stage or the "schedule too packed" phase we offer a mixed technique combo class that will introduce them to longer class times and many techniques. 

CORE Program

​​The CORE PROGRAM at Art In Motion is a pre-professional curriculum-based program designed for the dedicated dance student. The diverse syllabus offers intensive training for students aspiring for a dance career in college or professionally or for those students who just have a passion and ability to work at a higher level. Students are placed  into Levels III or IV, first based on age, then based on ability. We believe a mixed age program serves all students well by allowing those less proficient, but just as passionate, to see what they are working towards with the move advanced dancers, and by allowing the more advanced dancers the opportunity to hone in on their skill, being reminded of technical correction and the ability to lead artistically!  

Classes offered:
Ballet (variations, repertory, partnering), Pointe,  Jazz (Theater Dance, Classic Jazz (Giordano, Luigi, Mattox) Street Jazz),  Modern (Horton, Graham, Cunningham Technique), Tap, Contemporary Ballet (Simonson Technique), Floor Barre, and much, much more.
***All Pointe Students are required to take 2 ballet classes/week****


Class Descriptions